CMC "Level-Up" Touring 2Up Seat '08-'22 Vintage "Viejito" Brown


CMC "LEVEL UP" SEAT - Vintage "Viejito" Brown

Designed w/ Your Passenger In Mind. Provides 8” Wide “Level” Passenger Seating Area. A Comfortable Low Profile Riding Experience For The Driver and Passenger. 


  • Fitment 2008-2022 Touring Models 
  • Made In America 
  • 12" Wide Driver Saddle - 2" More Narrow Than Stock 
  • 2" Lower Profile Than Stock 
  • 18" From Front To Driver Backrest 
  • Bucket Style Driver Backrest Provides Good Back Support 
  • 8" Flat/Comfortable Passenger Seating Area
  • Carpeted Underside  
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